Good quality needs good people

Behind the Clean-Service Scaramuzzo AG, there is an engaged, highly-professional team By means of the wide range of services, we are able to fulfill the various wishes of our customers, and all that from a single source.

Since the establishment in 1982 we have developed into a trustful industrial partner. Through continuous further education of our approximately 220 employees, we always guarantee tailored services of highest quality regarding the field of industrial cleaning.

  • Guiding principle
    We demand high standards of our actions. A successful propagation of our trademark, satisfaction of our customers as well as the right selection and professional further education of our employees are our primary target.

    We give our best…


    We put emphasis on a trustful collaboration with our employees and partners. We want to behave ethically conscientious and strengthen and deepen the relationships to our guests and customers by means of a clear and fair collaboration strategy as well as by comprehensive services.

    We treat other people in a way we want to be treated…

    Future orientation

    We are now a strong service company and we take a stand for achieving our targets daily.

    Today, we address to what ensures our success of tomorrow…


    We rely on trustful, partner-like and team-oriented collaboration where anyone is responsible for his or her range of duty, synergies are utilised and strengths are expanded.

    United we are strong…


    Anyone of us assumes responsibility for his or her tasks, the agreed targets and the trust that is placed in him or her.

    Reliability creates trust…


    We achieve our targets by conscious, creative implementation of our means.

    Using instead of wasting…


    We find fulfilment in our work as we are able to identify ourselves with our tasks.

    We enjoy success…


    We want to improve continuously and therefore, we query our actions again and again.

    There is nothing which could not be improved…

  • Qualitätsmanagement

    Verbesserung der Prozessqualität und deren Leistungen

    Qualitätsmanagement ist ein Teilbereich des funktionalen Managements. Dabei werden Arbeitsprozesse optimiert, um schliesslich die Reinigung und deren Ergebnisse qualitativ hochwertiger zu machen.

    Qualitätsmanagement wird in der heutigen Zeit immer wichtiger – viele Unternehmungen legen grossen Wert darauf. Voraussetzung, um in diesem Bereich erfolgreich zu arbeiten ist eine Qualitätsplanung, Qualitätslenkung, Qualitätssicherung und Qualitätsverbesserung.

  • Apprentice training

    Clean Service AG puts specific emphasis on the apprentice training. We offer an ideal environment in order to ensure a good start to your professional future.

    At our company, beginner’s can complete an apprenticeship of three years as a building cleaner EFZ as well as an apprenticeship of 3 years as a management assistant.

  • Memberships

    As a member, our company is subject to a collective labour agreement. By means of this action, we ensure that the complete team of Clean-Service is employed on advanced and fair working conditions. In turn, this ensures the high quality of our services. Furthermore, we are connected to the industry solution for safety at work / health protection in cleaning businesses. In turn, this ensures the high quality of our services. CLA collective labour agreement for cleaning businesses in German-speaking Switzerland.

    Mirco Scaramuzzo, Executive Director and Owner

    Our memberships


    Member of “Branchenlösung für Arbeitssicherheit/
    Gesundheitsschutz für Reinigungsgewerbe”