Car wash service

Car wash

No matter if you need a onetime car wash or even subscribe to a standing order for the regular cleaning and maintenance of your car. We, Clean-Service Scarramuzzo AG, are your contact persons around the issue „professional car wash“.

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Hand wash

Car hand wash is a very detailed and exact cleaning of your car. Our team is specifically trained for the cleaning and maintenance of small cars and all-terrain vehicles and brings back the shine to every car.

For the hand wash, you can select between interior and/or exterior wash. Also combinations are possible, such as a cleaning of fixtures along with a paint cleaning.

Just assemble your personal package. Our team will take care of cleaning and maintenance of your car.

Car maintenance

Regular maintenance of your car is decisive for future resale and provides you with more fun during driving. By help of our professional team, we offer protective car maintenance.

Benefits of regular car wash and maintenance

  • Conservation and increase of value for future sale
  • Small scratches can be repaired and removed, as the case may be, by help of a grinding paste.
  • Additional protection of paint by sealing
  • Protection from major losses through rust
  • Achieve more pleasure in driving, quickly and easily

Our services

In order to keep your effort as low as possible, we offer the following services upon request and at extra charge:

  1. Collection of your vehicle on site
  2. Execution of the requested car cleaning & maintenance
  3. Return of your vehicle – with its new shine, of course – to the required address
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