Cleaning of buildings
Competent industrial cleaning ensures the maintenance of the long-term value of your property and gives you a representative character.

Construction cleaning

The specialists of Clean-Service Scaramuzzo AG remove building rubble parallel to the finishing craftsmen, followed by preliminary cleansing which enables a more exact view on the construction works in detail. Subsequently, precision cleaning is executed during which everything is finally brought back to a gloss.

Facade cleaning

For us as a specialised company, an untreated and gentle facade cleaning as well as observance of environmental protection regulations is self-evident. As access is often complicated, ladders and scaffolds, carriers and hydraulic lifts are important technical auxiliaries.

Glass cleaning

Glass and light are expressions for life and aesthetics. We ensure best visibility. We are prepared for your specific requirements and besides device technology we also have employees with the necessary skills.

Floor cleaning

Depending on the type of floor covering, the implementation of detergents for cleaning can vary greatly. We have the correct cleaning method for each covering. We can provide maximum protection for your elastic coverings by means of a protective treatment (lamination or sealing) against fast staining and mechanical damages.

Ceiling cleaning

Ceilings out of metal and plastics, flat or perforated and as cassette or panel ceiling are fogged in during a micro spray process with a gentle detergent. Damages at the ceiling are immediately dissolved, dirt is removed from the perforations and subsequently successfully wiped off.

Carpet cleaning

Just as a piece of clothes you get cleaned by a specialist, if needed, also your carpet should be cleaned intensively. An intensive cleaning in time is another condition for good appearance and extended lifetime, and additionally improves the hygiene of your carpet decisively. This kind of cleaning is not only important for appearance but also for retention of the stone quality. We make your old and dead natural or artificial stone look like new again by help of our diamond disc grinding.

Stone care

Stone coatings like granite, marble but also artificial stone coatings and ceramics can clearly result in a considerable revaluation of the object range, provided that they are in a clean and maintained condition. Depending on the structure of material and surface, there are various conditions for the maintenance of value, in other words for consequent cleaning and care. Due to the variety of natural and artificial types of stone, a systematic cleaning and maintenance by our professional staff is indispensable for the maintenance of value. Specialised stone care products are available in our stone care shop.
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