Stone care / Stone restoration

Nicht nur für die Optik sondern auch für den Erhalt der Steinqualität ist diese Reinigung wichtig. Auch Ihr alter und stumpfer Natur- oder Kunststein, lassen wir mit unserem Diamantschleifverfahren wieder wie neu aussehen.

Stone care

Stone coatings like granite, marble but also artificial stone coatings and ceramics can clearly result in a considerable revaluation of the object range, provided that they are in a clean and maintained condition. Depending on the structure of material and surface, there are various conditions for the maintenance of value, in other words for consequent cleaning and care. Due to the variety of natural and artificial types of stone, a systematic cleaning and maintenance by our professional staff is indispensable for the maintenance of value. Specialised stone care products are available in our stone care shop.

Diamond cut of natural stones

Certainly you have been annoyed when noticing that your natural stone floor you spent a lot of money for looks dead and worn or plain spots have come up on it. These ones can be caused by lemon juice, shampoo, sanitary detergents, red wine, oil, fat and so on. One thing becomes clear: even if natural stone is a natural product, it needs some care!
Conventional cleaning methods through aggressive chemical procedures are insufficient. Machine abrading is very elaborate, and this procedure causes a lot of dirt. From now on, our specialists come into play and present you a revolutionary treatment method: the diamond cut! This method is gentle, efficient and totally dust-free. Clean-Service prepares an analysis for your stone floor, detecting the characteristics like spotting, scratches, surface irregularities as well as degree of wear. Depending on the needs, the floor is treated up to five times with different diamond cut segments. Afterwards, your natural stone looks like new again. We would of course be happy to prepare a sample for you before and demonstrate our treatment in our sample room.


Crystallisation is the description of a procedure which applies a glassy layer onto a surface by means of a chemo-thermal reaction. The benefits of the crystallization of natural stone floors are the following ones:

  • Noticeably deep and long-lasting gloss
  • Complete crystallisation of the floor makes it insensitive to dirt, discolouration and spotting.
  • Reduced risk of slipping.
  • Hardening of the surface reducing maintenance works and increasing lifetime.
  • Darkening of the natural colour of the floor

Which floors can be treated by means of this procedure? All calcareous natural stone floors, like for instance marble, terrazzo/agglo, travertine, limestone.

From garden care to device service, from property maintenance to cleaning and smallest details – we take care of a sparkling clean and livable property.

Steinpflege durch die Reinigungsfirma Clean Service Scaramuzzo AGSteinpflege durch die Reinigungsfirma Clean Service Scaramuzzo AGSteinpflege durch die Reinigungsfirma Clean Service Scaramuzzo AGSteinpflege durch die Reinigungsfirma Clean Service Scaramuzzo AG
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