Cleaner wanted? Our housecleaner service will convice you.

Housecleaner service
Life gets more fast and hectic. Everything has to be planned. We assist you in setting priorities, avoiding hectic in your daily routine and gaining time for your family and friends.

Let’s be honest: don’t you imagine anything else than tidying up the house and cleaning in your leisure time? Our life becomes more fast and hectic. Everything around often many working hours has to be planned: cleaning, shopping, ironing, organizing absence during holidays (who takes care about the plants, the mail? Who goes shopping so the fridge won’t be empty when you return?)…We assist you in setting priorities, avoiding hectic in your everyday’s life and gaining time for you and your family and friends. Our housecleaner service offers individual solutions, and all these with satisfaction and moneyback guarantee:

  • No matter if vacuum cleaning, mopping, washing laundry, ironing and caring in the usual place, shopping…the list of all works occurring in a household is long.
  • We organise everything regarding your household, regularly or only for certain occasions, e.g. cleaning the windows or the “spring clean”. And also, when you have a celebration and afterwards, there is more work than usually, we are happy to assist you.
  • Do you go on holidays? Your cleaning lady from the house cleaner service takes care of your plant, the mail and also of your pets – your fridge will certainly be reasonably filled upon your return!
  • You can always rely on our dynamic and flexible team of employees. All works are executed fast but always with utmost care.
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